Friday, December 18, 2009

Life On The Low: creepin' with hip hop (Volume 1)

I recently found the blogger Katlynne LaSalle, her blog is called My Downlow life. And from the moment I read her first entry I was hooked on her blog. Kat is a 20 something fly bitch from the West Coast who is married and just recently found out her husband was cheating on her. From the moment she decides to takes control and not just be another woman scorned she gets into all kinds of crazy ass situations, fantasies and meets the most prominent men in LA. Kat has now taken her story and wrote a delish book called Life on the Low: Creeping with Hip Hop. I ordered the book which took about 2 wks to be delivered, and once I had the book in my hands I did not put it down for 3 days. I read it, lusted for Kat and all the lovers she mentions in her books. I became fascinated by her and the men she came across. LOVED the book. Very erotic at times, but still Kat kept it classy and kept my attention so you too would lust for more. I finished the book and was upset by the ending, I was an emotional wreck as Kat was in the end of the book and with my mouth open, closed thebook and daydreamed of what would become of Kat and the men in her life. Kat is now writing a sequel to this delicious book. And I can not wait for it! Its an easy read, it has sexy characters and as a woman you can totally relate to Kat and her experiences on being heartbroken over a man she thought would always be there for her. I highly recommend it and it will take you away on a journey from LA to the Hamptons from her being in Law School to her creeping w the hottest Hip Hop artists. Check it out!
You can buy the book here on Amazon, I know you will love it. You can also follow her here on Twitter.


  1. Thank you Jahayra! I absolutely love this review. I'm so pleased that you loved my book, that I cannot stop smiling. You're making me HIGH!!!

  2. P.S. I posted your entire review on my site today! with links back to your site.