Friday, February 12, 2010

Because I Love You......

You don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentines Day! Nor is it just for Lovers!!! On Valentines Day I always send out cute lil valentines Day cards to all my friends...why??? Because I love them thats why. I could give 2 rats ass that its for Lovers, fuck Lovers! Thats all cute, but what about the rest of us who do not have Lovers or that special someone? What we are not worthy? FUCK that, I celebrate Valentines Day for my and my lovely friends! We usually go to dinner, go to a movie, and have plenty of alcohol!

So if you are single this year, who cares! Put on your fliest dress, your highest heels and go ahead and make reservations at a restaurant or go ahead and go watch that movie with a friend! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU BC YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALENTINE!!!!!!! It is a Hallmark Holiday anyway!

If you do decide to spend it alone and shutting yourself out from the rest of the are a few suggestions:
  • light lots of candles
  • order your favorite take out
  • take a delisious bubble bath
  • put on some Sade
  • put on your sexy pjs
  • sip on Champagne w strawberries
Seriously ladies, no need to be sad or depressed on this day! It happens to the best of it, the key is how you deal with it. I say grab it by the balls and don't take the loneliness! You are loved and a man will only enhance that, not complete you! Let thsi day be about loving yourself! Do something that mkaes you feel good! Here are some other suggestions to get thru this "Holiday":
  • Mani/pedi
  • massage
  • shopping
  • go ahead and go that lil French Cafe you've been meaning to try order a latter, a crepe and enjoy the moment
  • dinner with friends
  • movie with friends
With that being said from my heart to yours....lots of love! Love you, my dear loyal readers!

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

Below are a few of my favorite pics of Alexander McQueen's collections, celeb pictures & overall beautiful pictures ....words can not describe the loss of this amazing man with an imagination and passion for his skill that is not often seen anymore. You will forever live in our hearts McQueen and thank you for all the beauty you put out!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake Hits Haiti...Let's Help!!!!

A major earthquake struck southern Haiti on Tuesday, inflicting a catastrophe on the impoverished Caribbean nation. The earthquake struck on January 12, 2010 at 4:53 p.m and the  7.0 magnitude quake's epicenter hit just 10 miles west of Porte-au-Prince and its 2 million inhabitants. Over 3 million people are in need of emergency aid after the earthquake.

The Red Cross dispatched a relief team from Geneva and the UN's World Food Program is flying in two planes with emergency food aid and the Inter-American Development Bank said it was immediately approving a $200,000 grant for emergency aid.

More than 100,000 dead in quake, Haiti's prime minister tells CNN and the numbers are expected to rise as volunteers and the Red Cross continue to pull people out of rubles.

I am of Dominican decent and have traveled to Haiti on many occasions, it is a beautiful country with even more beautiful people who are strong willed, hard workers and will rise above this catastrophe, but they will not do so without the help of the US and the rest of the world. Please I beg you to keep in close contact with your local community leaders and churches who will be making donations to Haiti and sending help. It is times like this that we must all come together to help those in need. Below are some websites that you can go on get further information, donate money, your time and supplies for our Haitian community. My heart goes out to Haiti and its beautiful people, God Bless them and please keep them in your prayers.

Below are some pictures reported by Anderson Cooper who is already in Haiti reporting back to us:

Displaced people gather in Petionville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince. The Red Cross estimates the quake has affected approximately 3 million people - about one-third of Haiti's population.

A woman prepares a makeshift bed to spend the night in Port-au-Prince.

A building left in ruins in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

A woman being helped from the ruins.

People help a wounded man on Tuesday afternoon in Port-au-Prince.

A woman faints in the arms of a medic on Tuesday.

Natural disasters affect us all, and we should all lend a hand to those in need. After all "I am my brother's keeper".

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Make Resolutions or Not??

What are your New Years Resolutions? Do you make any? Do you follow them to till the end or do you often find yourself giving up on them after only a week. I have made a few myself.....and I want to no scratch that I WILL keep them.
  1. Loose the extra 10 lbs or so that I have been meaning to loose all yr but never do. I actually started this one about a wk before the New Year, just so I wouldn't feel forced to eat better and step up my workout game. So far I've lost about 4 lbs. Very proud of myself, but I am also making a lifestyle change, so eating healthier and and working out are just the first step. I have to keep myself motivated because I don't want to become bored or even loose the stamina I have right now to loose the weight.
  2. Travel more. Simple and straight to the point. I have been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling, and I am not talking about going to Miami or Vegas(which by the way I have never been to Vegas and have no desire to do so) I have traveled to Europe(which is where I eventually would love to live, preferably London) I have done France, UK, Italy, Lebanon, Greece (and 10 islands in Greece), Turkey(another favorite City of mine is Istanbul), Spain(another favorite and where my lil sister lived for 2 yrs) Portugal (which I found quite boring but beautiful architecture). I've also done the usual Caribean Islands, but as I get older I find myself wanting to experince more than just laying on the beach with a tropical drink in hand. I want to see the way people in other countries live, the way they eat, the culture(you get the idea). Don't get me wrong I do love to sit my ass on a gorgeous beach tan all day and get drunk on the beach. On my list of places that I would like to get to this year: Australia, Amsterdam, Brazil, Argentina, & Chile. I haven't visited South America and look forward to doing so.
  3. Buy property. Can't stress enough how important it is for a young woman to have her finances in order including having property in her name, not as a co signer or 2nd owner but a property that has your name and your name only. This year I am striving to buy a condo.
  4. Leave NYC. I know, how can I want to leave this wonderful City? I was born and raised here, this is where my friends and family are! This City has given me everything I have ever wanted, but its time to move on and live a slower pace of live, a different life where I am not on the subway for 3 hrs a day getting to and from work or paying high rents for the little space you get in this City. don't worry Babies, I will nto be going to far (at least not yet anyway). Maybe Connecticut or Jersey? We'll see.
  5. Continue my education. When I say continue my education I mean taking classes in things I LOVE to do, like fashion and hobbies(pottery classes, maybe a sketchign class at the New School in Soho, a cooking class) Doing creative things that you enjoy I believe opens up a whole different world for people!
  6. Overall just to be more happy and smile more. We sometimes get caught up in our lives that we don't take the time out to smile or just simply enjoy the simple things in life. For me its how much I love my daily walks thru SoHo in the evening walking to the subway. The hustle and bustle of people, the tourists, the wonderfuil smells from the food carts and all the beautiful things I see around me. That makes me happy and smile. Playing with my dogs makes me smile. Sitting at the Starbucks on Hudson St. drinking my chai latte makes me smile. If we all took the time to do the things that truly makes us smile we would be so much happier and we would all appreciate our lives and those around us so much better.

What are your Resolutions for this year? Share them with me, would love to hear from you.

Here are a few tips in KEEPING your resolutions:

  • Be realistic
  • Plan ahead
  • Outline your plan
  • Reward yourself
  • Track your progress
  • Don't beat yourself up
  • Stick to it
  • Keep trying

Good luck babies! I know you can do it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can You Rub My Shoulders?

Last wk while I was out of the office I went to the SpaChakra on Fifth . I had a $300 gift certificate given to me by one of my dear clients. I knew the certificate would expire soon, so I called up and made an appointment for a 90 min Swedish massage!

The spa itself is beautifully decorated, you walk in and you forget that you are in the hustle and bustle of NYC and that downstairs is Fifth Ave. with a million tourist. Once you are upstairs you don't hear a damn thing, just pure tranquility.

I was taken to a locker to change and put on my robe. Once I was changed I was walked over to the "Tranquility Library" where I was offered champagne (which I of course happily accepted, and tea sandwiches) at the "Tranquility Library" I waited for my masseuse to come and get me. Sonya (my masseuse) showed me to our room! The room was spectacular! All in white, dim lights, candles lit everywhere and in the background classical music played. I opted for the eucalyptus aroma therapy massage, and for the next 90 min, Sonya massaged my sore neck, tired shoulders and back! I was in a trance, I felt so relaxed that I actually fell asleep for more than half the massage! Once over I felt like a new person, my soar muscles no longer bothering me as much and as I walked out on to Fifth Ave. the streets full of tourist, street vendors and the endless traffic noise, I knew that at least for 90 min I felt as though I was in another world.

Moral of this post: Every single woman should be receiving massages at least once a month for at least 60 min. You dont have to spend $375 like I did on a massage but you can certainly do your research and find a spa that meets your needs. I mean I promise you that you will walk out of your appointment with a different look on ppl and life its self, even if it only last for a lil while. is a great way to find a spa that meets your needs close to you.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years my lil' Darlings! Wishing every single one of you a fabulous year ahead and that all of your dreams come true this year. Make all of your dreams a reality this year, this is the year to make it happen ladies. You are all strong, beautiful women,(except for my stalkers) who can make anything happen! So go out there and just do it! Muah!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Follow Me on Twitter

Hi Dolls! A few of you asked me if I have a Twitter account........and yes I do. You can follow me here Fashionista_NY You can follow me thru all my fuckery in my life.
See you there!