Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can You Rub My Shoulders?

Last wk while I was out of the office I went to the SpaChakra on Fifth http://www.spachakra.com/ . I had a $300 gift certificate given to me by one of my dear clients. I knew the certificate would expire soon, so I called up and made an appointment for a 90 min Swedish massage!

The spa itself is beautifully decorated, you walk in and you forget that you are in the hustle and bustle of NYC and that downstairs is Fifth Ave. with a million tourist. Once you are upstairs you don't hear a damn thing, just pure tranquility.

I was taken to a locker to change and put on my robe. Once I was changed I was walked over to the "Tranquility Library" where I was offered champagne (which I of course happily accepted, and tea sandwiches) at the "Tranquility Library" I waited for my masseuse to come and get me. Sonya (my masseuse) showed me to our room! The room was spectacular! All in white, dim lights, candles lit everywhere and in the background classical music played. I opted for the eucalyptus aroma therapy massage, and for the next 90 min, Sonya massaged my sore neck, tired shoulders and back! I was in a trance, I felt so relaxed that I actually fell asleep for more than half the massage! Once over I felt like a new person, my soar muscles no longer bothering me as much and as I walked out on to Fifth Ave. the streets full of tourist, street vendors and the endless traffic noise, I knew that at least for 90 min I felt as though I was in another world.

Moral of this post: Every single woman should be receiving massages at least once a month for at least 60 min. You dont have to spend $375 like I did on a massage but you can certainly do your research and find a spa that meets your needs. I mean I promise you that you will walk out of your appointment with a different look on ppl and life its self, even if it only last for a lil while.

http://www.spafinder.com/ is a great way to find a spa that meets your needs close to you.

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  1. So glad u indulged yourself, because you deserve it, and obviously your clients realize that and treated you special!!!

    Love YOU!!