Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Venting my Lil' Heart Out.

I am just venting my lil' heart out today.....

Recently I went to a guys house that I was casually dating, and it was fucking disgusting!

Clothes all over the place, his bathroom was gross, clothes all over the living room.

Honestly I was so turned off, that I can no longer date this guy not even have a conversation with him. He's cool, but not enought for me to put up with any man who has a nasty ass apartment. I mean he knew for a few days that I was coming over to his house, take the clothes you have all over the living room and throw that shit in a closet at least, light a candle, and at least have ice in your fridge in case I wanted a cold beverage.

Any man over the age of 30, who lives ALONE in NY, should be able to maintain a semi decent apartment. I mean how does a man with a nasty ass apartment get any ass? Do they always go to hotels? Do they always hook up at the females house? I'm curious.

This guy is cute, smart and has some type of brains besides the one that he carries in his pants, so why the gross apartment?

I am not saying every man should have a hooked up apartment with expensive shit in it, but over the age of 30, your apartment should be clean, and there should not be clothes all over the floor, you should have your fridge fully stocked with water, a nice bottle of wine and maybe some sort of soft drink. You should not have clothes all over your living room so it looks like you just picked up your laundry from the laundry mat and casually placed them in your livingroom, as decoration. And please at least set the tone, light a candle or two at least make it look like you put some effort into the situation. I mean really is that too much to ask for?

Hand me down furniture past the age of 30 is no longer cool, invest in some decent furniteure or at least in pieces that are not hand me down from your parents with plastic covers on them from the late 70s.

Needless to say I was soo turned off that I can no longer date this man. Call me conceited, stuck up or full of shit, but if I go out with him one night and decide to go back to his apartment,I have to lay my pretty lil ass with $45 La Perla thongs on his nasty couch or bed? I don't think so.

End of my rant.

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