Friday, December 11, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos

Last Saturday, Dec.5th was my 33rd birthday and I celebrated in Atlantic City with 15 of my closest girlfriends! What an amazing time we had! The weather, in December fashion was cold, rainy and at time dangeorous as we were driving to Atlantic City but thank God we all made it there safely.

We stayed at The Chelsea Hotel, which is a breath of fresh air from the Borgata and the Water Club. I HATE the Water Club as I was there this past Summer and their service SUCKED big time. I paid almost $500 for a room and the staff there had the biggest attitude and not very friendly! I will NEVER stay there again, at least not for a room that I pay for. Anyhoot......The Chelsea Hotel is young, hip and the newest hang out hotel for yong Hollywood as the Kardashian sisters often stay there and host parties at their lounge, The Fifth.

My Birthday dinner was at Cuba Libre and hosted by yours truly. The food was delisious and quite athentic. The staff was amazing and pretty much let me and my friends do whatever we wanted as far as where we wanted to sit, the pictures we were all taking and the amount of noise we were causing! There were 15 of us after all.

After dinner we changed to our party dresses and went back to Cuba Libre for some Spanish music and then went to Providence! We flirted with locals, w tourist and toasted to me turning 33 and for me having such fabulous friends to share my birthday with. I am not very close with family so my friends mean the world to me!

After drinking I proceeded to go gambling at the Tropicana and won $250 in the slot machine w the game "Wheel of Fortune" I couldnt believe it and took my winnings cashed out and put it in my bag, so that I could go shopping the next day!

Next day we had a lovely brunch at Country Kitchen on the boardwalk. After stuffing ourselves we headed to the outlets by the Borgata and I shopped a lil. Sales everywhere!

I will post pics in another entry since I don't know how to format the pics the way I want them.

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