Thursday, August 20, 2009

Olsen Obsession.

Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley, have been famous their entire lives. They are the rarest of child stars in that they have not grown up ugly, angry, or (it seems) insane. They’ve maintained their preadolescent adorability, with round eyes and faces and little button noses, and they’ve also maintained their mind-boggling fortune. When they were infants, they were cast in the single role of Michelle Tanner, the wisecracking baby of the Full House family. Little girls went mad for Michelle, madder still when it was discovered there were two of them.
Fast forward about 10 years or so and these cute adorable girls are now adults and run their own successful fashion lines the Row and Elizabeth & James. I subscribe to a blog called Olsen Anonymous and the writer of this blog posts some of the most beautiful pics of the Olsen twins! Even when I shake my head with thier fashion choices, it takes courage to go out there everyday but a beautiful outfit together and seem so well put together. They both have the best accesoires and handbags. Here are a few of my Olsen pics! Enjoy!


  1. Me too! I can look at them all day long! Their accesories game is so sick! Their jewelry, bags, shoes, -I dont care that they are skinny, rich white girls, they are fucking hot!

    This is a blog that I follow that is all about the Olsens and the fashions, you would love it!