Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jay Z's Salute NYs Heroes.

If you don't know........how obsessed, how I adore and how much I love Jay where the hell have you been for the past 10 yrs or so?

When I started to work at Island Records I got to go a listening party for Reasonable Doubt-since then I've been a fan, and admirer of his. Sometimes I feel like when he spits his rhymes, its me he's talking to. Yeah I'm sure most of us that have been in the street whether it be because we grew up in the game, dated a hustler, hung out with the hustlers or simply knew of the struggles for a young black man from Brooklyn, he has touched his fans in one way or another.

I was always been so fascinated by the way he speaks, the way he sees things and how articulate he is in speaking of his past, his future and his plans not only for himself but for the whole music game.
The music industry will eat you alive if you are not careful, smart and don't have a team of highly educated ppl behind you..........Jay has educated himself and others on the way things can be done and should be done. I mean come on he made a deal with Live Nation for 150 millions dollars -the most expansive deal yet from Live Nation, which has angled to compete directly with the industry’s established music labels in a scrum over the rights to distribute recordings, sell concert tickets, market merchandise and control other aspects of artists’ careers. Thats a pretty big deal is you ask me.

On 8/31/09 Jay Z held a news conference to formally announce the "Answer The Call" charity concert that will take place at Madison Square Garden on September 11th to raise money for the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund. Of the benefit concert this is what Jay had to say: "I turned the TV on September 12th and I saw footage of these heroic actions, people running to buildings and saving each other and I saw the strength of New York," Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, continued. "It made me proud. So, as I was embarking on putting out 'Blueprint 3,' it was only right that we revisit that day. This is my chance to do something to help out."
For more information and ticket sales please visit MSG.

You know I will def be there and will be reporting back to you all!

Please click here to see the full press release in.

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